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Find Unique Scientific Texts at Reiter’s Books

March 11, 2019

Reiter’s Books has been in business for decades, and it’s just as beloved now as it was back then. The bookstore made its grand debut all the way back in 1936 under the ownership of its namesake family, the Reiters. Although the shop has changed hands over the years, it has always remained a locally owned, independent bookstore.

As such, its owners are in a unique position to stock whatever they want, which is why you’ll find such a wide variety of literature at Reiter’s Books. The staff focuses on stocking scientific, medical, and technical books you won’t find at other bookstores. You can even shop for medical items like scrubs and lab coats via its online shop. The store also sells books dedicated to politics, architecture, design, economics, and everything in between. Grab a new book and start reading in the store’s coffeehouse, Cup’a Cup’a Cafe.