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Have Brunch This Weekend at Carving Room NoMA

September 23, 2019

Looking for delicious Mediterranean fare? Then be sure to check out Carving Room NoMa on M Street Northeast. This relatively new restaurant just opened up in June, but it is already receiving glowing reviews.

A meal at CR NoMa takes traditional Sephardic flavors and gives them a modern twist. This is evident in appetizers like hummus and metbucha, as well as the Lower East Side charcuterie board, which comes with house-cured pastrami, corned beef deckle, and smoked duck. The selection of Ktzitzot, or meatballs, is another great example of worlds colliding, with enticing options of chicken zucchini, leg of lamb, and rockfish and whiting. This place isn’t just for dinner, though. It also offers excellent brunch and lunch dishes, ranging from cereal-crusted challah French toast to Reubens and Cubans. The drinks list is equally impressive. It features wines sourced from across the globe and plenty of domestic craft beer.

If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss the cocktail list. There, you’ll find six creative concoctions sure to delight the senses. Check out the Goodbye Stranger, which is made with Four Roses bourbon, honey, lemon, abricot du rousslilln, and orange cream citrate.