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New apartments in Washington DC


A new way to live is flourishing in North Shaw on the corner of Sherman Avenue and Barry Place. We live at the intersection of style, culture, sophistication and comfort, providing the ideal retreat for residents who aspire to come home to effortless elegance and timeless style.

A trellis is a latticework used to support flourishing plants, an apt metaphor for the base from which our residents take on the world. Like a garden trellis, we are bright, fresh and organic —an innovative oasis in the heart of the city.

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The story of the North Shaw neighborhood—and the soul of Trellis House—come alive in its lobby. Inspired by the original Seasons Mural that once decorated this site, a new life has been found. The seasons stretch left to right, watched over by a saturated sun: the spring and summer sections highlight the D.C. Mall, the cherry blossom blooms, and the historic rowhouses native to North Shaw, while fall and winter represent key elements of the community, including the Howard University clock tower. The Seasons Mural reflects a tapestry of influence, a dynamic intelligence and a humble appreciation for our roots.

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